This blog is written by James Dey, who works as an information management consultant in London, England.

The purpose of the blog is to approach “Big Data” from the perspective of an architect, business user or information manager in a large organisation who wants to understand why there is so much excitement about this subject and how they can introduce it in to their organisation.

The easiest way to start with this website is to search for your topic of interest via the Table of Contents.

When I first started to look at the area, I found plenty of technical material on the internet about Hadoop and NoSQL and went to lots of events where the hadoop packaged providers (MapR, HortonWorks & Cloudera) and NoSQL providers (DataStax (Cassandra), MongoDB etc) would discuss the respective merits of their particular offerings. A lot of the material is very technical in detail, however, and where use cases are presented, detail is lacking to explain how you might practically implement such a use case.

The blog documents my continuing journey exploring this fascinating and rapidly growing area.  The benefit that I bring is that I don’t work for a vendor and am viewing the subject from a potential client’s perspective. I worked in database development for many years, and more recently was an enterprise/solutions architect for the commercial & corporate banking division of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. I will be providing practical examples of how to build a big data solution within the broader realm of a modern information management architecture.

I am currently available for work in the London area only.

Clients have included:-

Telecommunications & broadcasting





Lotteries & Gaming



Financial Services



Contact details:-

Linkedin: View James M. Dey's LinkedIn profile View James M. Dey’s profile
Email: james_dey@hotmail.com
Phone: +44 7941 252447


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