Table of Contents

icon-strategy_Square Crop  Strategy

How to develop an information management strategy
Developing a data governance strategy
Approaches to storing and making Big Data available to consumers
Choosing which Big Data software path to go down
Information Management Roles & Responsibilities

TeachingResearch_iconBlue Research

What is “Big Data”? Big Data presentations
What are NoSQL databases?
How does a file get distributed in a Hadoop cluster?
How do jobs get scheduled and managed in Hadoop?
Examples as to where companies use Big Data technology
Recommendation Engines
How do you run an online ad campaign?
Analytic Job Roles which use Big Data
Digital Marketing is watching you!

solution_icon Solution Architecture

Developing your Information Management Solution Architecture
Extracting your Big Data from your enterprise data hub in real time

icon-ia Information Architecture

Information Architecture – Overview
Data modelling explained
Information Architecture – Data Modelling recommendations
Data warehousing philosophies & methodologies

system architectureSystem/Application Architecture

A modern information management system architecture
Fitting Big Data in to your information management system architecture
Adding middleware to your information management system architecture

technology architecture Technology Architecture

Big Data in the cloud
How to select hardware and software candidates for your solution architecture

security icon Security Architecture

Securing your Big Data

Programmer Development

Links to useful Big Data development websites
Profiling your data
Cleaning your data
Creating a Business Glossary


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